Donations for Ukraine

The Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft Rhein-Neckar e. V. asks for donations for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.


Our world has been different since the early morning of February 24th, 2022. A free, sovereign country in Europe was attacked with massive military force and the international order was trampled underfoot. Since that day, the world has been watching Ukraine and its struggle against the Russian invasion. This war of aggression, waged by Putin, causes suffering, destruction, and death.

There were many heavy attacks, including on civilian objects, with a correspondingly high number of casualties. Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing this violence. Despite all the efforts of the Ukrainian army to defend their homeland from Russian aggression, the suffering of the civilian population is immeasurable. Official Ukrainian authorities and the Ukrainian diaspora organize humanitarian aid measures worldwide to at least alleviate this suffering a little and to provide the most necessary relief supplies.
English Translation by AStA

The Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft Rhein-Neckar e.V. calls for donations in kind for the Ukraine.

A wide variety of products are required for hospitals, rescue services and refugee centres.

The donations are distributed in coordination with the Dachverband der ukrainischen Organisationen in Deutschland e. V.

Refugee centers

insulating blankets, sleeping bags, insulating mats, blankets, mattresses, raincoats, pillows

Shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes, diapers and pads, paper towels, wound antiseptics, disinfectants, reusable and disposable masks

Bandages, bandages, tents, camp beds, stoves, kettles, microfiber towels, reusable dishes

Batteries, candles, flashlights

Groceries: ready meals, energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, canned food, pasta, baby food

Medical products

Disposable gloves, alcohol wipes, disposable syringes 5 and 10 ml, 18G and 20G catheter, peripheral indwelling cannulas (green/blue/pink), infusion solutions, infusion set, pressure bandages, tourniquets (binding system), haemostatic bandages, thoracic plasters (also with valve), Thermal blankets, YUTA type stretchers, Ambu Perfit ACE cervical collars, SAM Pelvic Sling II pelvic belt, Israeli Emergency Association bandages 8"/12", coniotomy sets, decompression needles, nasopharyngeal tube

Donation account:
German-Ukrainian Society Rhein-Neckar e. V.
IBAN: DE81 6709 2300 0033 1706 10
Purpose: Ukrainehilfe 2022 + address if a donation receipt is required


The donations are distributed in coordination with the  Dachverband der ukrainischen Organisationen in Deutschland e. V.  and the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin / Посольство України у ФРН.

Other donation accounts or contact points

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