All students of the TU Kaiserslautern form the student body of the TU Kaiserslautern. According to the Hochschulgesetz Rheinland-Pfalz, the student body is a public corporation. Within the framework of its statutes, regulations and the law on higher education, the student body manages its own affairs.

This self-administration is carried out in accordance with the Higher Education Act by the Student Parliament and the General Student Committee as well as in accordance with the statutes by the student bodies and student councils of the respective faculties.

In order to carry out its tasks, the student body levies a contribution from the students belonging to it within the framework of a membership fee scheme, which is to be decided by the student parliament.

The tasks of the student body include:

  1. to allow the formation of opinion in the group of students
  2. to take care of the interests of their members in university and society,
  3. to advise students on their studies,
  4. to participate in the fulfillment of the tasks of the university, in particular through statements on university or science policy issues,
  5. promote, on the basis of the constitutional order, political education, civic responsibility and the readiness of its members to exercise active tolerance and to promote fundamental and human rights,
  6. cultural, professional, economic and social concerns of its members,
  7. to promote the effective implementation of equal rights for women and men and to work towards the elimination of existing disadvantages for women and persons with disabilities,
  8. to promote the integration of foreign students,
  9. without prejudice to the obligation of the university to promote student sports and
  10. Maintain supraregional and international relations between students.

In order to fulfill its tasks, the student body can also take a stand on issues that concern itself with the social mission of the universities, as well as with the application of scientific knowledge and the assessment of its consequences for society and nature. The student body and its organs can use media of all kinds for the performance of their tasks and also facilitate the discussion and publication on general social questions in these media.

The Plenary Assembly (Vollversammlung) prepares decision-making processes of relevance to the entire student body (for example, traffic tickets), informing the entire student body, and fulfilling its tasks listed in the statute. It is summoned least once per semester by the Presidium of the StuPa.

The ballot vote (Urabstimmung) is the highest decision-making body of the student body. It may, in particular, cancel resolutions of the StuPa, dissolve the StuPa and amend the statutes. A ballot is preceded by a general assembly for information and discussion of the subject matter of the vote. Everything else can be found in paragraphs 6 - 9 (Urabstimmung) and §§ 10 and 11 (Vollversammlung) of the statutes of the student body.