The Student Parliament (StuPa) is elected once a year by all students of the University. It consists of 17 voting and one advisory representative each of the 12 student councils of the respective faculties.

The student parliament is the decision-making body of the student body. The student parliament has the following tasks in particular:

  • Election and control of the AStA
  • Resolution of the budget
  • Resolution of statutes and regulations
  • Decision in basic questions of the student body
  • Decision of programmatic guidelines
  • Approval of AStA's financial expenditure of more than 750 euros

During the lecture period, the student parliament usually meets every three weeks on Wednesdays either from 17:15 or 19:15 in room 42-105. The meeting dates can be found here.

The provisions of the StuPa are listed in the statutes of the student body in paragraphs 12 to 25.

All information about the StuPa and its members can be found at