The sessions are university-public. The AStA meeting is the decision-making body of the AStA. Current tasks, problems and topics of the AStA and the student body are discussed and advised here. Students can bring forward their own concerns. These meetings of the AStA normally take place every two weeks.

These meetings also deal with financial requests from student groups or individuals within the framework of the guidelines for the promotion of university groups (Hochschulgruppen) and the promotion of student sports. These applications must be submitted to the AStA at least one week before the meeting. The application form is available here.

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Digitales Sitzungsmanagement

Verwaltungs- und Organisationssystem zu den Sitzungen des AStA.

Hierfür wird ein Zugang benötigt.

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Digitale Sitzung

Der AStA nutzt für seine Konferenzen Jitsi. Informationen dazu hier.

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