In exceptional social or financial emergencies, students of the TU Kaiserslautern can take a loan from the AStA. The loan is financed from the student body's resources.

Loans up to EUR 300 are granted interest-free and without guarantees. Repayment is determined on an individual basis and should start no later than three months after receipt of the loan and be completed after no more than another 15 months.

The loan regulations, which govern the legal basis for the granting of loans, can be found befound below (available only in German, get in contact with us if you need some advice).

The loan application can be made directly online via this website. The application form can also be downloaded here or is available in the office of the AStA.

The Allocation Board

The allocation board decides on the granting of loans to students. The board consists of four members with voting rights. These are two members of the AStA with a professional background and two persons directly appointed by the student parliament (StuPa). In addition, the chairman and the financial officer of the AStA and substitute members can participate in board meetings in an advisory capacity.

The allocation board members can be reached by e-mail at

Please address your questions and documents to the Social Affairs Department ( These are first checked here for factual accuracy and then forwarded to the board.

If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to make an appointment for a personal meeting with the Social Affairs Department.

Voting Memebers Substitute Members
Thorwin Böhm (AStA) Frederik Stegner (AStA)
Mathis Petri (AStA) Marek Oheim (AStA)
Marc Mouket (StuPa) Marina Mattern (StuPa)
Moritz Behncke (StuPa) Natalia Syrnicka (StuPa)
Advisory Members  
Referat Vorsitz  
Referat Finanzen