In the AStA print shop you can have a wide variety of study-related requirements printed.

  • Bachelor thesis
  • Diploma thesis
  • research project
  • term paper
  • Master's thesis
  • portfolio
  • Study project
  • Lecture notes
  • Individually configurable
  • Package: printing, binding, digital copy
  • Ring binding
  • Softcover perfect binding
  • Hardcover perfect binding
  • Stapling and/or hole punching
  • Standard next day printing
  • Express printing on the same day
  • Deadline printing by arrangement (at least 24 hours before the scheduled deadline)

To submit a print order to us, you need to fill out our order form and upload the work to be printed. Based on your configuration, you will immediately receive the expected price.

Please be sure to observe the general conditions of the AStA print shop.

By the way: When printing on our recycled paper, you save 10% compared to a comparable non-recycled paper! (And no, recycled paper is not cheaper to buy)

Completion/Pick Up

When will my print job be completed?
Date of order:



General Conditions for Printing

The minimum order volume is 1 euro (before costs for binding or similar), i.e. a rate of 1 euro is charged for smaller orders.

The colour pages are billed on a page-by-page basis.

Prices according to status
  • For students of the RPTU in Kaiserslautern, student prices apply, which can be found in the price overview. Other persons pay a surcharge of 50 per cent on the student price. University groups pay the student price. Other organisations and groups pay a surcharge of 50 percent on the student price.
Standard order
  • The prices shown in the price overview apply.
Express order
  • In addition to the prices in the price overview, an express order incurs additional costs of 8 euros.
Appointment order
  • There is an extra charge of 50 per cent for a appointment order compared to the costs for an express order.
Price overview
  • You can find a price overview here.

The estimated price for the print job based on the print configuration is shown at the end of the order form. Depending on an incorrect configuration, e.g. different number of pages or different number of colour pages, the price may vary upwards.

We need a PDF file for printing.


Double-sided printing/blank pages
  • If you select double-sided printing, you must insert a blank page after pages to be printed on one side (e.g. cover page). This is not done by us.
Document size
  • We print the document without adjustment or scaling to the intended target format.
  • The target format is DIN A4 for study-related print jobs and the selected format for poster or brochure printing.
Printing in document mode
  • We print PDF files in ‘document mode’ by default. Markings, highlighting, text additions or similar that were subsequently created in the PDF file may not be printed.
Your Own (cover) sheet
  • Your own (cover) sheets that are to be used for the print job must be provided immediately when the order is placed. Otherwise, completion may be delayed.
Colour spaces
  • The colour spaces of monitors and printers are different (RGB vs. CMYK), therefore exact colour reproduction cannot be guaranteed. Naturally, there are the greatest differences with very pale colours and ‘neon colours’ such as pink or light green; we therefore recommend colouring graphics accordingly or, if in doubt, arranging a test print of individual pages.
  • We cannot guarantee that ligatures (the joining of at least two letters to form a unit) will be printed without errors.
  • Laser printers cannot print without margins, so approx. 6 mm will be cut off all the way round each page. You are responsible for ensuring that no relevant information (e.g. page numbers, footnotes) is placed there. Your file will not be scaled by us.

The completion takes place on working days. The cut-off time for a print job is 4 pm.

Standard order
  • A print job in the standard processing category is usually completed by the next working day.
  • Orders in this category that are received after 4 pm are delayed by one working day.
Express order
  • A print job in the express processing category is generally completed within six hours, calculated from 8 am at the earliest.
  • Orders in this category received after 4 pm will be postponed until the next working day.
Appointment order

If you would like to print at a fixed time - or if our standard or express order does not suit you, there is the option of an appointment print. In this case, a fixed date is agreed on which the print shop is reserved for you. Please note: Not every apointment is possible for us. You should ask a few days before your prefered time for it.

Working days within the meaning of these terms and conditions are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Standard orders until 4 pm can usually be collected from the AStA secretariat (46-207) on the next working day* between 11.30 am and 1 pm; on Fridays between 11.15 am and 12.15 pm.

Express orders** until 4 pm can usually be collected from the AStA secretariat or office (46-207/46-205) within six hours of confirmation.

Express orders after 4 pm are usually completed by 2 pm on the next working day (within 6 hours starting at 8 am).

Appointment orders are completed at the agreed time and can be taken away immediately after completion.

* Working days within the meaning of these terms and conditions are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The completion of print orders shall be postponed accordingly by the number of public holidays.

** In case of an express order, we will contact you by telephone as soon as your print job is started and arrange a pick up time (possibly independent of regular opening hours). Please make sure that we can collect your order promptly (within one hour of the call) - otherwise additional charges may be incurred for the waiting time (if we are only waiting for you).

The following payment methods are available:

  •     cash
  •     Giro- or Credit Card


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