Post-exam Review

Your Rights at Post-exam Review

It is not always clear what is allowed at post-exam reviews and what is not allowed. The post-exam review should show which parts of the exam missed for passing the exam and it should show you which knowledge is missing in order to pass the reptetition of the exam. The most important facts about post-exam reviews are listed below.  They are approved (in the german version) by the Hauptabteilung 4, the office which is responsable for examinations.


1. Right to Post-exam Review

The post-exam review is not only generosity, you have the right to review your exams.

2. When does the Post-exam Review take place?

The post-exam review takes place after the whole process of examination, i.e. after determination of the grades. They must tell you your grade before the post-exam review. Statements like “The review is part of the examination” are wrong. There has to be enough time between your review and a repetition exam. This is also the case if the repetition is an oral exam after a last written exam. If you have reasons no to attend the review, they have to give you an extra date for the review.


3. How do I express my objections?

If you want to express objections, you have to justify them. This should be done in a written form that the examiner has the possibility to reply fundedly.

In order to do this it is recommendable to have copies of the exam, either done by the examiner or with your smartphone camera. You have to be given the possibility to take copies. You are only allowed to use the copies to do the review. The authors copyrights have to be granted. You are not allowed to share the exam publicly.

You can express your objections also after the date of the post-exam review. You can take a copy and justify your objections afterwards. You have to give them in a written way to the examiner.

In your own interest, you should do this soon.

4. Have the examiners to be present?

The examiners do not have to be present.

5. Is it possible to get a worse grade?

If you exrpess objectives the examiner considers them.  The result of this consideration can lead to a better grade, but it is possible to result in a worse grade.

6. Post-exam review by substitute

If you have reasons not to attend the review, you can assign the post-exam review to another person. This person is allowed to take copies or photos of the exam.  Objective have to be expressed as in point 3. 



If you have any further questions please contact the examination consultants at AStA (

From the university side you can contact the Hauptabteilung 4 ( ).