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Sonne und Beton

Nicht "Der Klügere gibt nach", "Der Klügere tritt nach"!

The screening takes place in the old AStA-Kino in Room 1-006!

Lukas (Levy Rico Arcos) is a teenager in Berlin-Gropiusstadt and struggles every day with the same problems: his unemployed father, who is overwhelmed with the upbringing of his two sons after the death of Lukas' mother, school and of course the lack of money. Lack of money to go to the swimming pool and parties with his friends and lack of money to go out with girls. Fortunately, he has his friends who have to deal with the same problems.
When Luke and his friends get caught between two rival dealer groups while trying to buy weed and one of them subsequently demands 500 euros in compensation, the friends plan together to get their hands on the big money. But of course, that doesn't go quite as hoped.
"Sun and Concrete" is a film by David Wnendt and is based on the autobiographically inspired bestseller by comedian and podcast host Felix Lobrecht.

In cooperation with CampusKultur.

The movie will be shown in German.

Admission is free.

Datum/Zeit:16.01.2024 / 18:00

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