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Die Arbeit sowie weitere Dateien können von uns auf CD gebrannt und dem Druckerzeugnis beigefügt werden. Sämtliche Dateien, die auf CD gebrannt werden sollen, sind dazu in einem ZIP-komprimierten Ordner zusammenzufassen und über das dafür vorgesehene Uploadfeld weiter unten zu übermitteln.
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Vorbehaltlich der richtigen Angaben, ohne Berücksichtigung eventueller Sonderanfragen.

Druckpreis pro Seite auf DIN A4 Papier 80g/m²

  einseitig beidseitig
Schwarz/Weiß-Druck 4 Cent 3 Cent
Farb-Druck 12 Cent 10 Cent

Preisaufschlag Papier

DIN A4 120g/m² 4 Cent
DIN A4 200g/m² 6 Cent
DIN A4 300g/m² 12 Cent

Kosten für Zusatzleistungen

Ringbindung (Kunststoff) 1 Euro
Thermo-Klebebindung 2 Euro
Arbeit auf CD brennen 2 Euro
„Druckart“: Do you want your printout to be one- or double-sided?
„Druck in Farbe“: Do you have color pages in your document? If you select this, you will be asked to give the number of color pages (see: „Anzahl der Farbseiten“).
„Papierart Innenseiten“: The type of paper you want for your printout. 80 g/m² (both white or Recycling) is just regular paper. 120 g/m² is a bit more stiff and recommended when you print double-síded. 190 g/m² is very heavy and only recommended for printouts with few pages, or for use as a cover (see: „Papierart Deckblatt“).
„Deckblatt andere Papierart“: If you have a pre-printed cover page or just want a heavier cover, select this option.
„Papierart Deckblatt“: When selecting „eigenes Paper“, you bring your own paper and we either print the first page on it or add your pre-printed sheet to the binding. 300 g/m² is a very heavy, almost cardboard-like paper.
„Anzahl der Farbseiten“: The number of pages containing color. Please note that the price shown on the end of the page is calculated based on this, but your actual price is calculated by the printer – so you always pay for the exact number of color pages. If you are unsure, just enter the number of pages in the document to get an upper bound for the price.
„Besondere Anforderungen“: If you have any special requirements, please note them here. Possible examples are „Please insert both a front and back cover from my department“, „I need two copies with and one without binding“. Please try to explain your requirement as precise as possible. We will contact you if there are any unclarities.
„Druckerzeugnis binden“: „Ringbindung“ consists of a plastic spine, a cardboard backpaper and a transparent front sheet. „Thermoklebebindung“ uses a special thermal binding cover, which is then heated to glue the pages together.
„Verarbeitung“: When you submit (and confirm – please check your e-mails!) your job before 16:00 (4 pm), „Standard“ means you get your prints on the next day (Monday through Friday), „Express“ on the same day. If you submit your job later, „Standard“ jobs are ready the day after tomorrow, while „Express“ are ready tomorrow (again: Working days are Monday through Friday). If you choose „Express“, please enter your phone number so we can contact you directly.